Pisces sign of zodiac / 5 metals Kabbalah charm מזל דגים

Astrology - kabbalah sign of the zodiac
Sign of Zodiac - Pisces מזל דגים
Astrology charm combine with the 5 metals Kabbalah power


Astrology - kabbalah sign of the zodiac - מזל דגים

Sign of Zodiac - Pisces  מזל דגים 

 Astrology charm Pisces combine with the 5 metals Kabbalah power

The Kabbalah chrm, the segula of 5 Metals the charm of Power. This is the circle power r
whose unique and supernatural qualities have been praised in the holy books these past eight
hundred years; the ring of which was written: “Bear it and thou shalt see wonders!”
The five metals are joined together into a ring; and so it is written:“
of ;gold, and silver, and tin,
and copper, and lead”
(metals that have been mined from the ground). The joining of these
metals will produce a cycle of electrical energy, the energy of the earth itself

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